The 2012 Community Manager Report [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Jason Keath on Jan 23, 2012

Every 4th Monday of January social media professionals gather around their warm, cozy monitors to toast Starbucks and sing viral video carols — all to celebrate Community Manager Appreciation Day. Today marks the third annual celebration of the day, started in 2010 by Jeremiah Owyang.

The community manager is the most popular role among social media teams (according to Altimeter). It has emerged as the main public face of the social media efforts for most companies. Some companies choose to use junior level employees to manage their online communities, while others commit large teams with hierarchies to the task.

Last year, Social Fresh launched our first Community Manager report. And this year we have gathered even more data from twice as many community managers.

We put together the below infographic to give you a taste of where the community manager role stands. And for an even deeper dive into the data keep scrolling for the white paper.

Infographic and white paper can be shared anywhere with a link back to this page.

Thanks to The Community Roundtable, The Community Manager, and all those who helped distribute the Community Manager Report survey.

We had a lot more data this year than we knew what to do with in an infographic. To share all the great data, we put together the below white paper. Here are some of the highlights from the data that is included:

  • Content is the most time intensive task for community managers
  • Male community managers make more than female community managers
  • Software companies were the most likely to have a community manager
  • The average age of a community manager was 30 years old
  • Community managers age 31-40 made the most money
  • More community managers see success on Facebook (52%) than any other platform
  • Community managers, surprisingly, spend more time on content creation than any other task
  • New York City is the top city for community managers, almost 1 in 5
  • 1 out of every 3 community managers works on the agency side
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