Coca-Cola Gets Their Tumblr On

by Jason Keath on Jan 10, 2012

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Coca-Cola joined Tumblr right after Christmas with their new photo focused blog titled “Happiness Is“.

This is in addition to Coca-Cola’s very established presence on top social networks Facebook (37 million fans), Twitter (420k followers), and Youtube (47 million views).

The word happiness has been a consistant one for Coca-Cola and their social media — ever since it launched the Happiness Machine videos where unsuspecting vending machine customers got more than they expected.

That campaign was originally launched with no ads, just Coca-Cola using it’s millions of Facebook fans to help get the video out there.

Coca-Cola say they are “one of the first CPG (consumer packaged goods) brands to join the Tumblr community.” We talked about a lack of big brands on Tumblr outside of the fashion, web, and publishing industries when we listed 60 brands using Tumblr last year.

The only other CPG on that list was Huggies, who has been on Tumblr for some time. So coca-Cola’s claim is true.

Why Tumblr?

So does Coca-Cola (and Huggies) see in Tumblr what other consumer brands do not? Do they think they can build another Facebook like mammoth following?

In the announcement email Social Fresh received, Coca- Cola says they are targeting the 11 million teen bloggers that call Tumblr home.

So far, they seem to be embracing what Tumblr is best at. Namely, photos. So far, one to two images a day, mostly of products or images associated with happiness.

Coca-Cola is also using the tools that Tumblr users love. They are liking other user photos and featuring them in their sidebar. They have started to follow a handful of other Tumblr users. And they have even featured the Tumblr questions feature by adding an “Ask Us Anything” link as one of three main navigation options.

The announcement from Coca-Cola:

“A New Year brings a new social platform for Coca-Cola. Welcome Coke’s first Tumblr page: Happiness Is – which makes Coke one of the few CPG brands to join the Tumblr community.

Designed with a teen audience in mind (which is perfect considering 11mm+ teen bloggers use Tumblr), Happiness Is features a wide variety of Coca-Cola inspired content chosen to embody the brand’s Open Happiness theme while allowing teens and fans to engage with the brand in a fresh new way. Plus, Coke’s Tumblr followers can expect to see exclusive content as the community develops.”

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