15 Brands already using Twitter's New Vine App

by Nick Cicero on Jan 24, 2013

Vine from TwitterTwitter launched Vine yesterday. One of several apps that could be described as the Instagram of video, Vine captures 6 seconds of video snippets that you can edit together and publishes your creation to Twitter or Facebook.

Dom Hofmann (@dhof), Co-founder and GM of Vine, describes the service as being “about abbreviation — the shortened form of something larger. They’re little windows into the people, settings, ideas and objects that make up your life. They’re quirky, and we think that’s part of what makes them so special.”

Animated much?

Vine animations remind us very quickly of the animated gif resurgence that the web has seen over the last year or two.

Vine itself is an iPhone app right now (download here). Which means that Twitter now has two mobile apps, joining Facebook as social networks with multiple mobile apps. Although you do not need a Twitter login to use Vine.

It seems certain that the future of accessing social networks will live in a multi-app ecosystem.

Yesterday, Twitter users began to flood the service with their “#firstpost” on Vine. The service has been trying to keep up with the demand, but so far there seems to be strong interest in the app.

Age of Expression

Similar to Instagram, Vine is accessible. It allows people who may not be familiar with video production at all to play director. The app allows you shoot multiple video clips and edit them together (very short clips of course to fit in 6 seconds). Just as Instagram makes us all think we are amazing photographers, Vine might make us think we have director skills.

Vine is definitely an artistic opportunity for brands. If social networks truly are becoming Expression Engines, Vine is a very interesting outlet for those expressions, for both businesses and consumers.

We did a quick search to gather some of the Vine clips that businesses have been posting to Vine throughout the first day. Media companies were first to jump on board. But it is also clear that any brand of any size can quickly download and use the app.

What do you think the over/under is on how long it takes for us to see the first promoted Vine?

15 Brands Using Vine

Pro Tip: Click a Vine animation to stop it.

1. NBC News


2. The Daily Beast


3. UpDesk




5. Thinkmodo


6. Buzzfeed


7. KFOX News El Paso

8. The Barbarian Group


9. CNN Espanol


10. Birmingham City Football Club


11. Cell Journalist


12. Internet Strategies


13. Al-Monitor

14. Imaginate


15. Tech


Bonus: Red Vines

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  • When you see all these together it is actually a little hard on the eyes. I wonder if there will be tweaks to the length or presentation over time.

  • When you eat @Moose_Tracks, The Moose is proud. http://vine.co/v/b5UjnWzD6iz

  • We just started using it @Rackspace too. Seems pretty easy and fun to use! https://www.facebook.com/rackspace/posts/334400513339811

  • Nice @twitter-15234200:disqus

  • This is awesome!! Very creative. Thanks for sharing.

  • I’m interested to see how long six seconds lasts as well.

  • OK, so here are a couple of things I don’t dig upon first notice:

    1. If you choose not to share your new video creation on FB, Twitter, or even Vine, it doesn’t save anywhere. It should at least default–or give the option to default–save to my camera roll.
    2. I’m not seeing where a user can sign out and then sign back in. I have a blog I’d like to have an account for, as well as a personal account. So that’d be two. Am I missing this functionality?

  • We vote 3m until the first promoted Vine :) Thank you for sharing this, Nick! It’s nice to see what other brands are doing and since it’s only 6 seconds, it takes some pressure off. After reading your article, I had 2-3 people mention Vine to me, so word is definitely getting around fast!

    We just downloaded the app & have decided in our first Vine, we will show our sweet dance moves (or lack thereof). BuzzFeed’s video is hilarious!


  • @twitter-5127201:disqus I had Vines saved in the camera roll…not sure what happened with yours.

  • Sign out directions: Click top left icon, click profile, click settings, scroll to bottom

  • I like the 6 seconds. You can pause them with a click.

  • Great!

  • e_MichaelG

    For those who want to do the same thing with YouTube vids, there’s http://viewrz.com/cutter, it’s simple and embed on Facebook.

  • XD

  • SO Cool — I hope Vine really sticks and isn’t just a fad. Lol. So much more can be communicated even in just these wee short clips! Love it. Interesting that Facebook updated their iOS app today with added video-record-and-share-to-wall feature (along with voice messages).

  • I agree. Loving the simple, yet unique UI. Really fun and easy to pick up. Fingers crossed that it does not die like all the other video apps.

  • Anyone else doing any user engagement yet? We thought we’d run a little competition. https://twitter.com/asthmauk/statuses/296191194621423616

  • I like what the Birmingham Football Club did–using it as a teaser for another longer interview that is linked from Twitter as well. If it is edited well, I think it can be effective.

  • Brent

    A lot of the same brands/companies that are using Vine were pioneers for Tout… interesting!

  • I noticed the Facebook update as well! I’d agree that Vine is very fun and while short form video has certainly been done before, the simplicity combined with Twitter’s massive built-in user base could help make video communication more mainstream.

  • Some good examples here, it is going to be especially interesting for us to see where the hospitality industry takes it.

    We made our first Vine today with the back story that our hotel has both history dating back to the 1800′s and a love of embracing new technology (http://vine.co/v/bJ9qXliuZA7).

    A sound editing option would be a useful addition however as with all new tools it will take some practise to produce the ideal creative. We’ll certainly be practising to achieve a more polished finish!

  • Ryan

    Cool article, I like the brand perspective. Here’s a post I wrote recently about Vine!

  • It’s about time.

  • wow, it’s crazy how Vine has grown in 3 years! Thanks for posting this great intro on what brands are using it.