Brands Take Over Social Media with Marriage Equality Posts

by Jason Keath on Jun 26, 2015

Today the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality. They declared that the U.S. Constitution requires states to license and recognize same-sex marriages, making marriage equality officially the law of the land.

This ruling reflected a fast growing trend in support of LGBT rights by the majority of US citizens, and, increasingly, many brands and businesses.

The White House immediately had a new profile photo ready.

white house marriage equality profile photo avata social media pic

And several brands took the opportunity to celebrate today’s ruling on social media. Below are a few of the highlights.


It’s worth mentioning, that one of the original and most prominent brands supporting LGBT rights with a social media statement is Oreo. We wrote about Oreo’s “Pride Cookie” in 2012 as our most innovative social campaign of the year.

It was the first post from 100 hundred days of their Daily Twist campaign, and at the time a very bold statement for such a public brand.


Today, it is much less controversial and many brands are taking Oreo’s original “Pride Cookie” post as inspiration for their support of the SCOTUS marriage equality ruling.

If you have seen any other great examples of brands supporting marriage equality on social media today, please share the image and link in the comments.

1. Refinery29

#SCOTUS didn’t let us down – gay marriage is legal nationwide! ❤️💛💚💙💜 #equality

A video posted by Refinery29 (@refinery29) on

2. JetBlue

Love is in the air. #LetFreedomWing #MarriageEquality #SCOTUSMarriage #LoveWins

A photo posted by JetBlue (@jetblue) on

3. Bravo

Life isn’t all diamonds and rosé, but today it is. #PrideByBravo

A photo posted by BravoTV (@bravotv) on

4. Ben and Jerry’s

5. FreshDirect

#lovewins 🍒🍊🍋🍏🍇🍆

A photo posted by FreshDirect (@freshdirect) on

6. American Airlines

7. Game of Thrones

8. Hilton

From sea to shining sea. Let’s celebrate #equality #SCOTUS

A photo posted by Hilton Hotels & Resorts (@hiltonhotels) on

9. Target

10. Hillary Clinton

Love won.

A photo posted by Hillary Clinton (@hillaryclinton) on

11. Chobani

🌈 #LoveWins #LoveThisLife #Proudly

A photo posted by Chobani (@chobani) on

12. Maytag

13. Gap

14. Jello

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