250+ Brands on Pinterest

by Jason Keath on Feb 26, 2012
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Like moth drawn to a Martha Stewart decorative candle, brands are flocking to Pinterest.

Whether you think they should or not doesn’t really matter. The newly viral image sharing social network is hot and users are addicted.

Brands have noticed.

And not just the brands you would expect.

Fashion, ecommerce and media brands are leading the way, as usual with new platforms, but those categories do not even take up half of this list.

Some of the more social consumer brands that you might expect are already experimenting on the platform: McDonald’s, Gap, Coca-Cola.

But there are plenty of brands that might surprise you.

College, non-profit, and sports brands of all types are there. Governmental, NGO, and health care brands are also there. The diversity is something you do not really see on any other social network outside of Facebook and Twitter.

Pinterest has two things bringing such a wide range of brands to the site: a very low barrier to entry and an audience that is not the normal tech-focused early adopter crowd that social networks usually launch with. The mass market is on Pinterest and it is super easy for brands to jump on and experiment.

And of course, most of them already have images of their brand, stores, or products being pinned every day. So there is a drag affect.

Below is the list. If you need examples of what brands are up to on Pinterest, you are in the right place.

We have broken it down into these 15 categories: Blog/website, Celebrity, Ecommerce, Edu, Fashion, Food, Government, Healthcare, Media, NGO, Retail, Sports, Tech, Travel, and Other.

Blog and Website Brands on Pinterest

  1. Apartment Therapy
  2. The Beauty Department
  3. BlogHer
  4. BlogWorld
  5. BuzzFeed
  6. Daily Grommet
  7. Epicurious
  8. Fit Sugar
  9. Food52
  10. GalTime.com
  11. Geek Sugar
  12. Huffington Post
  13. MarketingProfs
  14. Mashable
  15. Perfect Palette
  16. Playboy.com
  17. Pop Sugar
  18. ReadWriteWeb
  19. Realtor.com

Celebrities on Pinterest

  1. Alanis Morissette
  2. The Backstreet Boys
  3. Barack Obama (no pins yet)
  4. Chris March
  5. Ellen DeGeneres
  6. Felicia Day
  7. Martha Stewart
  8. Michael Kors
  9. Nina Garcia
  10. Oprah
  11. Paula Deen

Ecommerce Brands on Pinterest

  1. Abe’s Market
  2. Bambino Brands
  3. Birchbox
  4. Bluefly.com
  5. Boticca
  6. Domestica
  7. Diapers.com
  8. Etsy
  9. Feterie
  10. Ice.com
  11. Lily Pulitzer
  12. Lulu’s
  13. Minted
  14. ModCloth
  15. Peapod
  16. Sevenly
  17. Shopbop
  18. Shop It To Me
  19. Threadless
  20. Tom’s Shoes
  21. UncommonGoods
  22. Zulily

Fashion Brands on Pinterest

  1. Ann Taylor
  2. Barneys New York
  3. Bergdorf Goodman
  4. Club Monaco
  5. DKNY
  6. Gilt Baby and Kids
  7. Kate Spade New York
  8. Land’s End
  9. Maybelline
  10. Rent the Runway
  11. Tarte
  12. Warby Parker

Food, Beverage, and Food Service Brands on Pinterest

  1. Arby’s
  2. Betty Crocker
  3. Cabot Cheese
  4. Chobani Yogurt
  5. Coca-Cola
  6. Diet Pepsi
  7. Domino Sugar
  8. Dunkin Donuts
  9. Gusto Pizza Company
  10. Hardees
  11. Hillshire Farm
  12. Kraft Foods
  13. Lindt Chocolate
  14. Little Debbie
  15. McDonald’s
  16. Middle Sister Wines
  17. Panera Bread
  18. Peanut Butter & Co
  19. Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry
  20. Pillsbury
  21. Pretzel Crisps
  22. PF Chang’s (no pins yet)
  23. Red Bull
  24. Starbucks
  25. Tillamook Cheese
  26. Tolosa Winery
  27. Whole Foods
  28. Windsor Vineyards
  29. Wonderful Pistachios

Healthcare Brands on Pinterest

  1. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  2. Phoenix Children’s Hospital
  3. Summit Medical
  4. Baylor Health Care System
  5. Chester County Hospital
  6. Nationwide Children’s Hospital
  7. American Medical ID

Media Brands on Pinterest

(magazines, newspapers, TV, radio, publishing)

  1. Ask Men
  2. Better Homes & Gardens
  3. Billboard
  4. Brides Magazine
  5. CBS New York
  6. CBS Sports
  7. CBS This Morning
  8. Chronicle Books
  9. City Dog Magazine
  10. Clean Eating Magazine 
  11. CMT
  12. Cnet
  13. Cooking Light Magazine
  14. Crown Publishing
  15. The CW
  16. Food Network
  17. For Dummies
  18. Heinemann Publishing
  19. HGTV
  20. InStyle Magazine
  21. Ladies’ Home Journal
  22. Lucky Magazine
  23. Men’s Health Magazine
  24. NBC News
  25. Newsweek
  26. New Yorker
  27. Parenting Magazine
  28. PBS NewsHour
  29. Random House
  30. Real Simple Magazine
  31. Saveur Magazine
  32. Seattle Magazine
  33. Sesame Street
  34. Shape Magazine
  35. Southern Living Magazine
  36. Sunset Magazine
  37. Thrifty and Green Magazine
  38. Time Magazine
  39. Today Show
  40. Today’s Parent Magazine
  41. Top Chef
  42. Travel Channel
  43. USA Today
  44. USA Today Tech
  45. USA Today College
  46. USA Today Books
  47. USA Today Style
  48. The Wall Street Journal
  49. Washington Post
  50. The Weather Channel
  51. Women’s Health Magazine

Retail Brands on Pinterest

  1. 77kids by American Eagle
  2. Aerie by American Eagle
  3. Allens Boots 
  4. American Eagle Outfitters
  5. Anthroplogie
  6. Barkers Clothing
  7. Bath and Body Works
  8. Benjamin Moore Paints
  9. Broyhill Furniture
  10. Dollar General
  11. Forever21
  12. Gap
  13. Guess
  14. G by Guess
  15. Hobby Lobby 
  16. Home Depot
  17. JCPenney
  18. LaylaGrace
  19. Lowe’s Home Improvement
  20. Nordstrom
  21. Neiman Marcus
  22. Michael’s
  23. Party City
  24. Pottery Barn Kids
  25. Sears
  26. Thomasville Furniture
  27. West Elm
  28. Zales

Sports Brands on Pinterest

  1. Major League Baseball
  2. New York Giants
  3. Milwaukee Bucks
  4. Seattle Seahawks
  5. Tampa Bay Rays (no pins yet)
  6. Boston Celtics
  7. Portland Trail Blazers
  8. Pittsburgh Penguins

Tech Brands on Pinterest

  1. Crowdbooster
  2. Wibiya
  3. Conduit
  4. Aweber
  5. HubSpot
  6. Constant Contact
  7. Klout
  8. Klout Perks (no pins yet)
  9. ReachLocal
  10. Rhapsody
  11. Social Media Club
  12. Sprout Social

Other Brands on Pinterest

  1. AMC Theaters
  2. AMD
  3. American Airlines
  4. American Standard Brands
  5. Audi
  6. Barbie
  7. Birds Barbershop
  8. Blockbuster
  9. Caldwell Banker
  10. Fossil
  11. General Electric
  12. Honeycomb Salon
  13. Keurig
  14. Kodak
  15. Lamborghini
  16. Microsoft Windows
  17. Oreck
  18. PODs
  19. Quicken Loans
  20. Samsonite
  21. Sony Electronics
  22. Sony UK
  23. Sony Music
  24. Sony Pro Solutions
  25. Southwest Airlines
  26. Verizon Wireless (no pins yet)
  27. Volkswagen USA
  28. Williams-Sonoma

Next week we bring you a slightly shorter list of all the brands who are NOT on Pinterest yet. = )

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  • Great post. I didn’t know that Pinterest was big time like this.  I need to get my account up.

  • Jason,
    How could you leave us (Compassion International) out of the non-profit category? :-)

  • Added. Apologies for the gross oversight good sir. = )

  • Forgot park and bond, needsupply, mrporter. Great list though

  • Love this! Thank you!

  • If you want us to add any brands, please provide links to their pages. Thanks Dennis.

  • wow nice list, thanks Jason !

  • Anonymous

    Ya’ll are forgetting Manpacks in the eCommerce section.  http://pinterest.com/manpacks/  :)

  • Great post, Jason. Here’s another one to add to the Food & Beverage list – Arby’s launched their Pinterest page last week: 

  • Should be fixed momentarily. Thanks Josh.

  • We’re playing on Pinterest, too. 

  • My city is on Pinterest also! 

    Thanks for the list!

  • Sweet list Jason, one of the more comprehensive we’ve seen. I’d like to throw our brand, Lessing-Flynn into the mix. Thanks! http://pinterest.com/lessingflynn/

  • I appreciate the list.  Have been wanting one!  There is such an uproar over the copyright issues in their TOS, I’m hanging back on suggesting it to clients, but I’m sure they’ll iron it out soon.

    Our brand is on Pinterest, too! 

  • Anonymous

    I just created one for our agency. Find us here: 
    http://pinterest.com/sdbcreative/. Still figuring out the best way to use it, but we’ve definitely jumped on the bandwagon. 

  • Awesome list! We also launched an account back in December for our client RELAX Wines http://pinterest.com/therelaxnation/

  • Great list, look forward to the shorter list next week ;)

  • Thanks for including Sprout Social in the list, Jason! Much appreciated. I’m excited to check out how other businesses and brands are using Pinterest!

  • Thanks for posting….We are there too, check us out!

  • Bonnie
  • Natalie

    Great list! The NBC affiliate in Utah, KSL, just started pinning too. We’re at http://pinterest.com/kslnews 

  • You’re a good man Mr. Keath. Thanks.

  • Jason this is a versatile list of companies, who have understood the strength of 
    harnessing  Pinterest and the changes it brings with more”#visual marketing”!  Interesting to notice that the development picture / infographic / Pinterest goes hand in hand with content curation and curating being probably more important than ever! Clients ask where to look at for leadership! From now on I am going to refer to this wonderful list of yours as a “Pinterest good practice guide” Thank you!

  • You forgot Vocus :) 

  • Brooke

    CAP should be included. IMHO, they are the very best agency on Pinterest right now. Look them up at http://www.pinterest.com/capbrandmktg

  • Dorothy

    VISIT FLORIDA is also on Pinterest! 

  • guest
  • Great list. Thanks for posting!

  • The Detroit Red Wings are now on Pinterest, too :)

  • Supergrrl

    ULTA Beauty is on Pinterest too

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  • Kasey Skala

    Great Clips is on Pinterest – http://pinterest.com/greatclips

  • Pcmsurf3

    Any idea if any big name Advertising Agencies are on pinterest?   

    We found one,  http://pinterest.com/anorocagency

  • Guest

    Where’s the Pin It button!!

  • Hi, I am just wondering if anyone of your could find me few hotels on pinterest as I am about to start my promotion campaing on pinterest . We do have a beautiful beach resort in Sri lanka . Actually I have no idea how to sturcuture my boards and all . 

  • Eastern University is on Pinterest too!  https://pinterest.com/easternu/

  • Sauder Woodworking Co. The world’s leading manufacturer of ready-to-assemble furniture. 

  • Amanda

    You forgot a food brand. Wisconsin Cheese. http://Pinterest.com/WisconsinCheese

  • We have put together a list of brands on Pinterest too.  We have over 1200+ all categorized.  Check it out here: http://bit.ly/brandsonpinterest

  • MijoBrands is also on Pinterest 

  • Jenangosa

    Keen footwear is on there too

  • Sofia Mijo

    Visit Puerto Vallarta is also on Pinterest!

  • Anikendra

    Great work indeed. How did you search for them. I would like to search for other brand pages on Pinterest which are not listed here.

  • Shivani Kaul

    thats quite a lot of research…how’d u do that? :)

  • – and SowetanLIVE, SundayworldZA.. (we’re South African news services)…

  • cboulanger

    This is a post that you can update forever. It would be great if you did more industry segments. Ecommerce and Retail are both too broad as categories.

  • Companies are beginning to segment their audiences with multiple Pinterest accounts. For example, there is a main LivingSocial account (pinterest.com/livingsocial) and a jobs account (pinterest.com/livingsocialjob).