Truly Bizarre @BPglobalPR Interview [video]

by Jason Keath on Jun 14, 2010

From a conference session that can best be described as truly bizarre, today at TWTRCON NYC, BP Terry of the fake Twitter account @BPglobalPR showed up to speak and be interviewed.

Terry was in full disguise, ski mask, glasses, nose, mustache, wig, and top hat, Terry spoke in full character as the official BP Global Public Relations representative. Terry had a suspicious accent reminiscent of fellow oil man, former president George W. Bush, though we are pretty sure there is no relation.

@BPglobalPR was prompted by Twitter last week (on behalf of BP) to include in their Twitter bio this past week that the account is indeed a fake account.

[Unable to view embedded video? Catch it and other social media videos here]

The most interesting comments from Terry:

Q. If you were running a fake BP Global PR Twitter account, how would you combat BP trying to shut you down?

A. Well as BP, I would just hope they would not start selling t-shirts and raising money for charity. Once they start helping charity, it would look pretty bad for us to shut them down.

Q. What is your secret to getting so many followers and so much attention on Twitter?

A. You know there is a guy out there that all he does is tweet what his dad says and he has a sitcom deal. I mean it’s not rocket science. Have an idea and be funny.

Q. Is that what is next for you? A book deal? TV?

A. There are talks of possibly doing a gulf coast concert tour. With all proceeds going to BP Global of course.

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