21 Blog Footer Examples That Mean Business

by Jason Keath on Oct 31, 2011

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As a designer, I love seeing artistic and creative footer designs on a blog. You never really expect it. And the surprise of seeing something carefully designed below the main content of a site is just a cool exclmation point for a good site.

As a business owner, I now look for calls to action in the footer. Did they make a clear value offer? Did they make it easy for me to click through to convert?

Geeky? Yes.

But this is the business side of a good blog. When someone makes it to the footer of your blog they want something to click down there. They want to convert. They have likely consumed a decent amount of your content. At a minimum they are in explore mode, trying to figure you out.

Nobody makes it all the way to your footer without some interest about your blog or business. It is a buyer’s behavior. Use it.

The Footer Is A Place Of Rest For Blog Visitors

Here is some more good news… There is nothing below the footer.

So when they get to the very bottom of your blog, they either scroll back up, close the page, OR… they focus on something interesting enough to hold their attention. Give them something interesting. Give them something to click.

Ok, ok. Clearly I have convinced you and you have already started drafting an email to your agency/creative department/nephew who designs things for you.

So what should your footer look like?

Well, we scoured the web and put together the below examples from blogs that include different types of calls to action. Look through these examples and see where your eyes go, ask yourself if you are tempted to click.

(in no particular order)

1. Light CMS

LightCMS has a great design to their footer. Very simple, especially for including so many links, but they clearly emphasize and separate their CTA in it’s own bar. They want you to try their software and emphasize that it is free 3 seperate times. Great setup, great button, strong CTA overall.

2. Compendium

As a blogging platform, Compendium offers an email opt-in for blogging tips as the clear focus of their footer. Simple, to the point, and relevant.

3. Social Fresh

Yes yes, shameless self-promotion. But it is nice right? We have two CTAs in the footer, our big green email subscribe option and then an opportunity to click through to Social Fresh Academy, our online social media training community.

4. Social Triggers

Derek Halpern has two places for you to focus in his fotter design, an about section and an email opt-in. The photo draws the viewers eye, the email opt-in form closes the deal.

5. SEOmoz

SEOmoz has a lot of site map info in their footer, but the clear CVI (center of visual impact) is their “Try It Now For Free” trial offer of their software. In addition their “products and tools” column of links is next in line, offering more info on what they sell.

6. Life Tree Creative

Very nice email opt-in form here. Plenty of space, well designed, stands out. But also, they give a clear value and a clear ask by describing what emails the subscriber will receive.

7. Forty Seven Media

Even a clear visual queue to contact your company is more than what most sites include in the footer. If someone makes it to your footer, many times they might just be looking for a way to get in touch. This large “Contact Us” button makes that action much easier.

8. Ttthings.com

Here is a nice product feature. They are selling a poster from a design competition they held and have a nice clear button to send visitors to their store.


I found this one pretty clever. That big green button on PSDFAN’s footer is a link to order website hosting at a discount from their hosting provider. This is an affiliate link for them, so they make some money from each of these conversions. But they are also giving their visitors a nice discount and supporting a parter. Well done.

10.Viget Engage

Another nice contact us button here from Viget. They give a little “about us” text and ask “how may we help you?” followed by their contact button. Simple, but useful and a clear opportunity for visitors to convert.

11. Greenlabel.com

This organic clothing company has a nice “about us” feature. They have a photo of the site owners down to their dog and then a section on walking the talk. Bullets about how they stick to their company’s values. Their CTAs include a column of shopping links and a stand alone Facebook page link. I love that they are letting visitors know Facebook is where to get updates on sales and coupons. I would only suggest they make this Facebook CTA much bigger if they truly are trying to drive more fans to their page.

12. Campaign Monitor

At the very bottom of Campaign Monitor’s footer is a nice simple email opt-in CTA and clear links to their Twitter and Facebook accounts. My one issue here is that 80% of their footer includes links to read more articles. I suspect the email form is what they really want people to see, and it gets a bit lost in this layout. Still, I noticed it, so others will too.

13. WPbeginner

I really like the clean design of the footer here. The two middle columns are both aimed at getting their visitors more involved with the site, asking them to write for the site or make a suggestion.

14. Social Mouths

Clean, to the point, and great contrasting buttons. About section with a link for more, an email opt-in with a good value offer, and a primer for contacting the company to hire them.

15. Kitfolio


If you really just want people to get in touch, why not make it easier by putting the contact form in the footer itself. Every time someone has to click to get to the next step, you lose a lot of people. This makes it dead simple. and of course, this is pretty well designed too. Draws a lot of attention to the form.

16. Branded07


Another great contact form here. Simple and small, but easy to find and use.

17. Compassion International

It seems like Compassion is always doing things right. They have a great email opt-in to subscribe to their blog posts in the footer, as well as an RSS icon for those who want content in Google Reader.

18. Dachis Group

Simple, understated, and to the point. This email opt-in feels a bit lonely, but it gets the job done.

19. Get Satisfaction


There is a lot going on here, but a clear email opt-in is still the focus. I think the social and other links could be a little smaller or even separated from the email and give an even better result.

20. KissMetrics


The KissMetrics footer has changed quite a bit since the last time I saw it. They has a few different calls to action and now they have one. Get in touch and try our product. It is clean, clear, focused and acts as one big button to send you to their lead gen form.

21. Playstation


Playstation wants you to have the most up to date software on your console. Beyond site links these are the only two buttons in their footer, they are emphasizing it because it is important to the company. And because their visitors are often looking for these resources.


Have you seen any blog footers that got you to take action? Tell us in the comments.

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