Top 43 Social Media Career Moves of 2013

by Jason Keath on Jan 07, 2014
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Big Social Media Career MovesThings moves pretty fast with social media. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss all the career moves your colleagues made in the past year.

A lot of smart and capable folks made big career moves this year in the social media industry.

More and more seem to be founding their own awesome ventures after years of running Corporate America’s social campaigns. Plenty of folks got promoted, made moves to new companies, and made the all to common switches from agency to brand to vendor to brand to agency.

So are the days of our lives.

This is our fouth year highlighting the top social media career moves. Also check out lists from previous years:

Take a second and congratulate these awesome folks for their big 2013 accomplishments.

In alphabetical order…

1. John Andrews Joins Ignite Social Media

as CMO, formerly at Collective Bias.

2. Ali Ardalan Joins Sprinklr

as Director of Strategy, formerly at Intel.

3. Paula Berg Joins HP

formerly at Linhart PR.

4. David Berkowitz Joins MRY

David Berkowitz

as CMO, formerly at 360i.

5. Jessica Berlin Joins Yahoo!

as Social Media Strategist, formerly at American Eagle.

6. Eric Boggs Founds RevBoss

as President, formerly at Argyle.

7. Michael Brito Joins WCG

as Group Director, formerly at Edelman.

8. Shauna Causey Joins UP Global (Startup Weekend, Startup Digest)

Shauna Causey

as VP of Marketing.

9. C.C. Chapman Joins YSN

as CMO.

10. Chance Chapman Promoted At Saatchi & Saatchi X

Chance Chapman

to Director of Digital Strategy.

11. Joe Chernov Joins HubSpot

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 10.08.41 PM

as VP of Content, formerly at Kinvey.

12. Adam Cohen Joins WCG

as Managing Director, formerly at FleishmanHillard.

13. Nicole D’Alonzo Founds TASTEdaily

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 12.35.42 AM

formerly at L’Oreal, creator of 19 Minute Yoga, the original audio-first yoga app.

14. Katrina Dietz Joins MSLGroup

Katrina Dietz

as Senior Account Executive – Digital, formerly at Innovasource.

15. Jeremy Goldman Founds Firebrand Group

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 11.55.27 PM

formerly at Iluminage.

16. Chris Hershberger Joins Edelman

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 11.57.46 PM

as VP of Digital, formerly at Michaels.

17. Justin Isaf Co-Founds Comunnl

Justin Isaf

formerly at Huffington Post.

18. Spike Jones Joins Edelman Digital

as SVP, Managing Director SW Region, formerly at WCG.

19. Josh Karpf Joins Spotify

as Global Director of Social Media, formerly at PepsiCo.

20. Rachael King Joins Sidecar

Rachael King

as National Social Media Manager, formerly at Adobe.

21. Matthew Knell Joins

as Vice President, Social Media and Community Strategy, formerly at AOL.

22. Natalie Marsan Joins MRY

Natalie Marsan

as Director of Community Management, formerly at VaynerMedia.

23. Tim McDonald Promoted At Huffington Post

Tim McDonald

to Director of Community.

24. Jason Miller Joins LinkedIn

as Senior Manager of Content Marketing & Social, formerly at Marketo.

25. Chris Moody Joins Compendium

as VP of Marketing, formerly at Red Hat.

26. Scott Moore Co-Founds Communl

Scott Moore

formerly at

27. Andy Newbom Joins Fandom Marketing

Andy Newbom

as Director, Social Business Solutions & Partnerships.

28. Gary J. Nix Joins R/GA

Gary J. Nix

as Senior Social Media Strategist, formerly at Blue Fountain Media.

29. Andrew Nystrom Joins Nike

as Digital Brand: Global Community Lead, Football (Soccer), formerly at Red Bull.

30. Jeremiah Owyang Joins Crowd Companies

as Cheif Catalyst & Founder, formerly at Altimeter.

31. Adrian Parker Joins Patrón

as VP, Digital Marketing, formerly at Intuit.

32. Jason Peck Joins Canvas

as Director of Marketing, formerly at LivingSocial.

33. Liz Phillips Joins Qualcomm

as Senior Marketing Manager, formerly at TaylorMade.

34. Karen Schoellkopf Joined Justworks

Karen Schoellkopf

as Head of Community, formerly at Harvest.

35. Rosie Siman Co-Founds Genius Steals

Rosie Siman

formerly at 360i.

36. Dan Slagen Joins Nanigans

as SVP of Marketing, formerly at HubSpot.

37. Shiv Singh Joins Visa

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 12.25.41 AM

as SVP Global Brand & Marketing Transformation, formerly at PepsiCo.

38. Jon Steiert Joins Pet360

as Social Media Manager & PR Specialist.

39. Storm Tussey Joins Logitech

as Global Brand Manager, formerly at Otterbox.

40. DJ Waldow Joins Marketo

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 12.29.46 AM

as Digital Marketing Evangelist.

41. Ekaterina Walter Joins Branderati

as Partner & CMO, formerly at Intel.

42. Tamsen Snyder Webster Joins Social Media Explorer

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 12.31.55 AM

as VP of Strategy, formerly at Alan + Garritsen.

43. Faris Yakob Co-Founds Genius Steals

Faris Yakob

formerly at MDC Partners.


Apologizes in advance for any oversights. Please help us complete the list by adding yourself or your colleagues in the comments!

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  • Jason, what a great post format for an annual wrap-up! It’s a great inspiration, too, to those who would aspire to grow their careers or make big hires in this market. There are some stories behind these moves that point to larger developments in the work, too. Jeremiah and Ekaterina’s moves are ones I know about in that sense, but imagine being able to read a paragraph or two by each of these folks about why they made these changes and what changes in the world they based their decisions on. That would be incredible!

    Congrats to all these folks – may their big leaps yield tons of personal and professional growth and fun!

  • Thanks for including me here Jason – I agree with Marshall, great inspiration to see how people who have been practitioners in the space are evolving their careers.

  • That would be pretty cool. Have thought about it for sure. A ton more work, but we could definitely at least ask folks to add a few thoughts and include the ones we get. I like the idea a lot.

    One big trend I am seeing is that the best of the best are increasingly starting their own thing. Like TASTEdaily, Communl,, Crowd Companies, Branderati, and Little Bird =)

  • My pleasure Adam. It is a good idea. What would your paragraph say?

  • Two moves I saw that should be on your list, Jason: Nathan Wright joining Hy-Vee, and Mike Schaffer joining Edelman. Otherwise, another great list!

  • Thanks for the list, although I wish you had provided a link to each twitter profile, making it easier to click through and follow each of them.

    Also, what about @AugieRay, who made a big move from Prudential to American Express in November?

  • Lauren K. Gray

    Great list of leaders in the industry! Just added a lot more people to follow. Thanks for the list!

  • Thanks so much for pulling this together, @jasonkeath:disqus. I had missed a number of these over the course of the year, so it’s great to see them all in one place.

  • Tiffany Monhollon

    Great post, congrats to all! So many amazing friends on this list! So inspirational to see these careers grow and develop, this brought a huge smile to my face today.

  • Just for you @scottmonty:disqus, just for you. =)

    Glad it was helpful.

  • Good idea Collin. Thanks.

    Not sure how I missed Augie. Totally blanked on that one. Thanks for the add.

  • Veronica Segovia

    Wow! DJ Waldow to Marketo is exciting! I’m surprised… Awesome wrap up, Jason! And congrats to Rachael G. King. She is awesome and I’m so glad I had a chance to interview her for a post on about her “Living Resume” concept for Pinterest. Kudos on the move to sidecar!

  • Jason, Thanks for putting this list together… I was breezing though, reading and seeing many familiar faces and then came across mine (!) – thank you, so nice of you to include me. This has been a great post to keep abreast of who moved where… best of luck to everyone in their new roles!

  • John Andrews

    Thank-you Jason, what a great list of folks, I’m honored to be included.

    I’ve known Jim Tobin for many years and he and I have paralleled each other in the emerging space. He founded Ignite around the same time we started the Elevenmoms platform at Walmart. While the Elevenmoms program and my startup. Collective Bias focus on content marketing, Ignite drives engagement through a great process of social media management and media production.

    We are excited to see what happens when you bring these worlds together. It also brings my family back to North Carolina which is our home. Thanks again for the inclusion.

  • Hey @jasonkeath:disqus – Great piece and thanks for the work! Think that Justine Sacco’s career move warrants an addition?

  • Love this roundup each year, JK. Good work and congrats to all for the new moves!

  • thanks for great recap of where everyone is Jason. Good job!

  • jwsteiert

    Hey, Jason, thanks so much for including me on this list of great industry leaders! Hopefully I’m worthy of their company. Best of luck to everyone in 2014 and congrats to everyone on their new gigs!

  • Approve.

    * The Business of Social Media*

  • Very. Ha!

  • Love that you do this each year @jasonkeath:disqus. So cool to see all of the movement and know I’m not alone. Ha! Bonus points for Nichole and I for being 2-timers on your annual list? Both were on in 2011 too. Ha!

  • Danielle Smith

    Jason – what a fabulous wrap up – love to see the success of so many friend and so many others I admire. And? I have found a few new people to follow. Big congrats to everyone on the list.

  • Thanks for the adds Arik. Look forward to your Minnesota list.

  • Awesome! I think the suggestion of us adding twitter links to this was a smart one.

  • Haha. Yes, indeed. There are a lot of folks on the list a 2nd and 3rd time. Movers and shakers.

  • Awesome. Thanks for adding to the list Jay.

  • Ignite is awesome. Really excited to see what you all do together.

  • Maybe, we review a lot of details to make the list. I do not know Justine personally. Where did she move from and to? Thanks!

  • Thanks dude. Means a lot coming from the Falls.

  • Haha. Surprise! Did you forget you got a new job in 2013?

  • Thanks Veronica.

  • Andy Newbom

    Amazing list of pople jason, Honored and humbled to be included! Cant wait till the next Social Fresh West!

  • I see a few familiar faces here. All brilliant people and brilliant moves. …Especially, that move by Andy Newbom to Fandom Marketing ;-)

  • Thanks for the suggestion Eric. But no, we will not be adding her to the list. Not here to attack folks. This is for celebrating positive career moves.

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