Bad Tweets Get Yet Another PR Firm Fired

by Jason Keath on Jun 16, 2011

Twitter is this weird ecosystem where photos of what we ate for lunch and prideful boasts about our kids playing in the backyard sit right next to the latest Justin Bieber video and, oh yeah, the promotions we send out for our business and clients.

With the personal communication style of Twitter, it is easy to relate to sending out the occasional dumb tweet from a business account.

Unless of course you are the client or employer of that person and that tweet just cost you money.

The latest in the unending “bad Twitter decisions” trend, is from the PR firm The Redner Group who is representing the long awaited launch of the video game Duke Nukem Forever. After getting a ton of bad reviews, The Redner Group decided to send out the below tweet, threatening to blacklist all the publishers who “went too far with their reviews.”

#AlwaysBetOnDuke too many went too far in their reviews…we are reviewing who gets games next time and who doesn't based on today's venom - The Redner Group

Redner was savvy enough to hashtag the bad Tweet. I guess to make sure the Tweet got out there to as many people as possible. The Tweet was deleted 40 minutes after it was published. And since then, Redner has posted several apology Tweets, ensuring their followers understand that they were at fault and not the client.

It goes without saying, The Redner Group is no longer representing Duke Nukem Forever.

There are plenty of safeguards and simple training that could have helped here. We are building lots of this type of training into our Social Fresh Academy. Because these really are easy mistakes to make. AND easy to prevent.

What did Redner do wrong? How Could they have prevented this PR snafu?

Please include your thoughts in the comments below.







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