32% More Engagement On Facebook During The Weekend

by Jason Keath on Nov 02, 2011

You should send tweets out at 3pm every Wednesday.

Also, chicken nuggets are best consumed in a Nissan Stanza, in the shade, on Thursday afternoons. According to my extensive testing.

There have been a few “research” reports that talk about optimal times to post on social networks. Publishing and tracking dashboard Argyle Social (partner) decided to readdress this topic and do it right. They went through 250 thousand posts and 5 million clicks to put together this nice infographic.

Some Key Insights

  • Marketers post when they are at work for the most part, not necessarily when consumers are interested in engaging
  • B2B marketers get 14% better engagement on Twitter during the week
  • B2C marketers get 32% more engagement on Facebook during the weekend

Argyle emphasizes that their data should be used as a starting point for your testing. Use their insights to make a hypothesis and then test that against past performance to learn when your audience is most engaged.

Argyle Social Timings Insights Infographic

Data-driven social media marketing from Argyle Social


Do you pay attention to the timing of your social media posts? Are you testing?

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  • http://argylesocial.com/ Eric Boggs

    Thanks for featuring our research!

  • http://investinsocial.com Jason Keath

    No problem Eric. Just next time you might want to rep some east coast love in addition to your Snoop spotlight, to be fair and balanced.

  • http://argylesocial.com/ Eric Boggs

    Duly noted.

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  • http://www.mynotetakingnerd.com/blog Lewis LaLanne aka Nerd #2

    I used to post at four intervals during the day thinking that just covering a broad area would be better than concentrating on one blast whenever I got around to it.

    Come to find that the best times for my Twitter followers is 10 AM and 3PM. I’ve noticed a huge difference in traffic coming from Twitter as a result of figuring this out and I can’t recommend knowing your audiences peak times highly enough.

    Especially in a fleeting media like Twitter.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kurt-Sorensen/584577859 Kurt Sorensen

    Jason, Thank you for all the interesting material you’ve been posting on a daily and weekly basis. As someone new to the rather amorphous world of social media, SocialFresh’s work has been really helpful. I’ve bookmarked these graphics for future reference.

  • http://investinsocial.com Jason Keath

    Thanks man. We try. I appreciate the support and sharing you do with our links. Glad you are getting value from our content. That’s our whole goal.

  • http://investinsocial.com Jason Keath

    I remember learning a similar lesson in timing. Everyone’s times are different. I know for instance that a lot of the influencers that get our posts out to the masses are up very early reading. So we publish articles at 6:30am lots of times and then republish them during times throughout the day we know folks are active. 

    But of course everyone should test for their own timing. Thanks for commenting.

  • http://www.jerichotechnology.com Michael R. Stewart

    Jason, Congrats on a fine post with an intelligent point that is often overlooked.  It is very easy for companies without Social Media expertise to misunderstand timing graphs.  I hope it gets wide distribution.  Michael.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/jacquelinecbrewster Jacqueline Brewster

    I think this is invaluable information for anyone engaged in Social Media Activity. Too often people just blast out messages without a thought for when their audience will be ‘listening in’.  Great info – thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jacquelinecbrewster Jacqueline Brewster

    I think this is invaluable information for anyone engaged in Social Media Activity. Too often people just blast out messages without a thought for when their audience will be listening in.  Great post, great stats – thanks for sharing.

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  • http://www.managers.org.uk Adi

    Good findings Jason.  I’m mainly in the B2B sector at the moment and from our own data weekends are generally much quieter than during the week, as many of our customers use us as part of their work.  Therefore it makes sense to do likewise.

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  • http://themarketingfrenzy.com/ Brennan Deitsch

    It makes perfect sense. Consumers are not so busy on the weekends, so they will be patient as they browse facebook pages and other sites.

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  • Jim

    Great info!  Not really surprised with the results!  B2B will be more active on weekdays during the workday.  B2C are at work and schools on weekdays – so they have time to browse and surf on weekends!  Really useful.  Will apply to our business.

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  • Anonymous

    Great post but don’t forget Reach, Jason. While it’s important to know when people are engaging the most with your Page and its content, it’s also critical to know what types of engagement are doing the best job of spreading your content throughout the networks of your fans. 

    A recent study I was involved in analyzing the relationship between Engagement and Reach showed a direct correlation between the two – along with some other interesting insights. Check it out here: http://www.webliquidgroup.com/research-facebook-reach-analysis. I’d love to get your thoughts…

  • tiggilee

    Nice graphic, but everyone knows that Snoopdogg should tweet at 4:20. Duh. :)

    PS – GREAT article! Thanks!