A New Content Promotion Strategy Option

by Jason Keath on Jan 11, 2016

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A New Content Promotion Strategy With Carusele

Jim Tobin (@jtobin) joins the Social Toolkit from Ignite Social Media, to discuss the how things have changed in social media over the years, problem solving and all of the wonderful things that he uses to do what he does so well.

Jim is a pioneer in social media as a founder of Ignite Social Media, and creator of the visionary Carusele, as well as the author of numerous books. He knows what he’s doing and he’s willing to share his tricks with us today.

Ignite Social Media is known as the original social media agency and has shown the way to innovate and attack the market at full scale. And Carusele is a solution to many marketing problems creating something that’s easy to buy and has guaranteeable results.

“If it’s too polished, it under performs.”  —Jim Tobin (highlight to tweet)

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