60 Brands Using Tumblr

by Jason Keath on Apr 01, 2011

Tumblr is a blogging platform that doubles as a social network.

The site offers a unique opportunity as a blogging platform, a built in audience. There are other large blog communities, but on Tumblr the follow, like, and reblog features are dialed in, creating larger opportunities for good content to spread.

This sounds like a great opportunity for every brand right?

Not Every Brand Works on Tumblr

The caveat is that the standard blog post does not thrive on Tumblr. The fast paced, “next shiny object please” nature of this social network is optimized for quick consumption content.

Photos, videos, quotes and questions are the currency in the Tumblr ecosystem. A little attitude, edginess, and inspiration also plays very well amongst it’s members. The brands that have access to large amounts of this type of media are, not surprisingly, the brands that have embraced Tumblr the most.

Fashion brands are built for Tumblr it seems, covering the site with their wears, sharing their highly visual cultures (see Bergdorf and J Crew) and even offering up links to sales (see Ann Taylor).

Large websites and blogs use Tumblr as a channel for sharing company news (see Twitter), company culture (see Mashable) or to tease content (see College Humor and The Huffington Post)

Publishing and broadcast media, businesses built on unending content, are by far the biggest brand category on the site, from Rolling Stone to NPR to Sesame Street.  The Economist does a nice job, sampling some very Tumblr friendly content such as videos, cover previews, quotes and political cartoons.

60 Brands Using Tumblr

1. IBM (smarterplanet.tumblr.com)
2. Universal Music (universalmusic.tumblr.com)
3. EMI Music (emimusic.tumblr.com)
4. Huggies (highchaircritics.com)
5. Bungie (nobleactual.com)
6. The Standard Hotel (content.standardculture.com)
7. Ace Hotel (blog.acehotel.com)
8. 92nd Street YMCA (92y.tumblr.com)

Publishing Brands

9. The Atlantic (theatlantic.tumblr.com)
10. Boston Globe (boston.tumblr.com)
11. The Daily UNOFFICIAL (thedailyindexed.tumblr.com)
12. The Economist (theeconomist.tumblr.com)
13. Elle (elle.tumblr.com)
14. Entertainment Weekly (entertainmentweekly.tumblr.com)
15. Glamour (glamour.tumblr.com)
16. GQ (gq.tumblr.com)
17. LA Times (go.tumblr.com)
18. Life (life.tumblr.com)
19. Lucky Magazine (luckymag.tumblr.com)
20. National Post (nationalpost.tumblr.com)
21. The New Yorker (newyorker.tumblr.com)
22. Newsweek (newsweek.tumblr.com)
23. NY Times, but not really (nytimes.tumblr.com)
24. Paper Mag (papermag.tumblr.com)
25. Rolling Stone (rollingstone.tumblr.com)
26. Teen Vogue (teenvogue.tumblr.com)
27. Time Out New York (timeoutnewyork.tumblr.com)
28. Vanity Fair (vanityfair.tumblr.com)
29. The Village Voice (villagevoice.tumblr.com)
30. Vogue (vogue.tumblr.com)
31. W Magazine (wmagazine.tumblr.com)
32. Washington Examiner (washingtonexaminer.tumblr.com)
33. Washington Post (on.washingtonpost.com)

Fashion Brands

34. Alexander McQueen (www.m-c-q.com)
35. Ann Taylor (blog.anntaylor.com)
36. Bergdorf Goodman (bergdorfgoodman.tumblr.com)
37. Ford Models (fordmodels.tumblr.com)
38. J Crew (jcrew.tumblr.com)
39. Kate Spade (katespadeny.tumblr.com)
40. Oscar de la Renta (oscarprgirl.tumblr.com)
41. ModCloth (modcloth.tumblr.com)

Broadcast Media Brands

42. ABC World News (abcworldnews.tumblr.com)
43. CNN Money Tech (cnnmoneytech.tumblr.com)
44. Comedy Central (comedycentral.tumblr.com)
45. Fresh Air (nprfreshair.tumblr.com)
46. IFC (tumblr.ifc.com)
47. NBC Nightly News (nbcnews.tumblr.com)
48. Nightline (nightline.tumblr.com)
49. NPR (npr.tumblr.com)
50. Sesame Street (sesamestreet.tumblr.com)
51. Travel Channel (travelchannel.tumblr.com)
52. The Today Show (today.tumblr.com)


53. College Humor (blog.collegehumor.com)
54. Flavorpill (flavorpill.tumblr.com)
55. Foursquare (foursquare.tumblr.com)
56. Huffington Post (huffingtonpost.tumblr.com)
57. Mashable (mashablehq.com)
58. Rocketboom (blog.rocketboom.com)
59. Seamless Web (seamlessweb.tumblr.com)
60. Twitter (status.twitter.com)


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