6 Brands Say We Love You to Facebook Fans on Valentine's Day

by Nick Cicero on Feb 14, 2013

Screen-Shot-2013-02-14-at-12.27.02-PM-298x300Love is in the air, and online as we gear up for the last stretch of the the 2013 Valentine’s Day holiday. While your friends on social networks might argue that this is an entire holiday made up by greeting card and candy companies, those brands who aren’t slinging the sweets have still been hard at work coming up with witty concepts to share with their fans today.

So if you haven’t already removed your ex from your timeline, sent a social media valentine, or sent a Facebook gift yet, these brands below will set your heart ablaze with their touching and creative examples of affection for customers online.

1. Klout


Everyone’s favorite social influence startup kept it light, and highly on-brand with this heart-shaped word cloud.

2. Oreo


The current darling of Social Marketing, Oreo has created a number of these graphics with their cookies displaying messages you usually find on those candy hearts and is encouraging you to share them with a friend.

3. Bud Light


Bud knows that not everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day, so they’re allowing fans to tag themselves to the part of the photo they most identify with. Give me the 6 Pack.

4. Mayo Clinic


The Mayo Clinic kept it all in the family by dressing up the Mayo Brothers outside their headquarters in Minnesota.

5. Allstate’s Mayhem


Mayhem, the main character in Allstate’s recent campaigns, is always causing trouble, and Valentine’s Day is no different. Want your significant other to become a little more motivated? Share one of these on their wall, and good luck (might I suggest 1-800-Flowers who actually partnered with SomeeCards.com for some Valentine’s Day promotions themselves).

6. Firehouse Subs


Firehouse Subs is one of many restaurants offering Valentine’s Day specials, but their effort at consistently creating engaging visuals makes me smile.

What did your favorite brands do for Valentine’s Day? Leave us some of your favorites below (the cheesier the better)!

Photo credit: @MelamedRiley

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  • Jon

    Shout Out to Infiniti!

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    Great post Nick! I love the brands!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Locanto Locanto Classifieds

    Awww we did that for our brand too.

  • http://twitter.com/mthompson55 Matt Thompson

    This is a client, but I wanted to show what Pilot Pen did yesterday. Basically it was:

    1. Post who your valentine is on the Pilot Pen Facebook Page or to Twitter or Instagram using #PilotLoveGuru

    2. Pilot will write a personalized love note to your sweetie in real time, snap a photo, and post it back to you!

    You can see an album here of some of the efforts: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.573900485971748.135027.203099623051838&type=3

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  • Lori Offenbecher

    We created Valentine’s cards for car lovers.

    Check out all of them on our blog!

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    Nick, had to ask – is that you in the last ad? It looks like you!

  • http://twitter.com/busternoe Matt Noe

    Burt’s Bees (client) wrote haiku love poems to their fans all week and asked fans to respond. Fun engagement and their fans are so passionate they took the creative literal and asked if they could actually buy the “stamps.” http://www.facebook.com/burtsbees

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    Watch out for that cover photo. More than 20% text.

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    It is not @NeverMissGift:disqus – actually the Firehouse Community Manager @JimmyVinicky haha

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    How about my geeky own by @ProfessorJosh and Wolfram Alpha nerdiness! @twitter-18448279:disqus

  • http://www.halloweencostumesale.com/ Valentine costumes

    I loved the Mayo Brothers way of wishing valentine day. Intel’s way of wishing other brand’s a valentine’s day on digital space is more interesting.