5 Companies Using Slideshare to Increase Brand Awareness

by Pam Sahota on May 16, 2011

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Slideshare How ToSlideshare is not just about archiving your tired old presentations anymore.

It has evolved into a lively content channel.

Slideshare is increasingly a place to go to consume content… “the YouTube of slide decks.” Commenting, social sharing, and engaging content all make it a destination for content consumption.

There are a growing number of companies who are taking advantage of this unique content channel and learning the keys to a good Slideshare presentation. They see the opportunity and are using slide decks to show consumers more about their brand in creative ways.

Let’s take a look at five companies that are leading the charge.

1. Ethos

A Company known for helping brands build presentations, Ethos3 shared “Who is Ethos3” on Slideshare.

This is a simple technique for really showing consumers who your brand is… think of it as an about page that they enjoy consuming.

Viewers can flip through the slides and not feel bombarded by trying to find all the links on your website to figure out what your company does. In addition, consumers can also click on the right hand panel for “more by user” and see what other content the company has, which increases exposure for the brand.

2. Holland-Mark

Holland-Mark, a Boston-based digital agency, was recently featured on the home-page of Slideshare for their “selling the dogfood: startup marketing” Powerpoint.

Being featured is a great way to increase traffic to your content, as well as increase awareness of what your brand is, what it does, and why consumers should be interested.

Slideshare features presentations on the home page when they are gaining lots of views, gain a lot of attention on social networks, are centered around a larger event, or when they catch their eye and are high quality content.

Some of these featured presentations could be getting a lot of shares on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Slideshare makes it easy to share on these networks, which is another great benefit for the brands taking advantage.

3. Oracle

Oracle… big name, big company.

Also a big user of Slideshare.

They realize the potential of sharing content on this uniquely informative content driven site, where consumers can comment, share, and in turn drive traffic back to their website. Oracle was “featured’ under technology recently, the impact Oracle has in their niche topic, increasing the relevance of the audience they are able to reach on Slideshare.

4. Real-Time Marketing & PR

Did you ever think a book would have a Powerpoint featured? Think again! Slideshare is a great way to increase awareness for any market segment including book promotions.

Not sure whether this book is for you? See what it’s about by flipping through this summary and then decide.

Love the book and want to share it? Do so via Facebook and Twitter. Great way to drive organic traffic and increase conversation about your product with the consumer driving the vehicle.

5. The Palms Hotel & Spa

Again, presentations are not just for the board room anymore. Want to increase exposure for your hotel, a spa, a travel destination?

Make it appealing and fresh on Slideshare so people can see all the perks all in one little presentation, easy to view and of course share with their friends, clients, significant other, etc. Increasing brand awareness is not just about having a website anymore, it’s about being where your consumers are and making the content visible, accessible and sharable to them. Slideshare is definitely one of those places, and even hotels are realizing that.

If you’re looking to increase brand awareness, Slideshare could be a great spot to do just that. Utilize Slideshare to its fullest by trying to get featured on niche topic pages and the homepage. Great content also goes a long way on Slideshare. Make your content engaging, easy to consume, surprise the viewer, and your presentations will do well.




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