5 Apps For Creating Amazing Instagram Videos From Your Phone

by Nick Cicero on Sep 13, 2013

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instagram video

Instagram may have announced that ads are coming to the platform, but videos on the platform don’t have to revert to your typical 15-30 second TV commercial. The best videos can, and should be raw, fun, and inventive.

When it comes to Instagram Video, users have been experimenting with more and more ways to create compelling fifteen-second video masterpieces.

Instagram is becoming the place for visual storytelling and brands have fully adopted video since it was introduced.

There’s something genuine and authentic about the relationships people have on Instagram. It is more personal. You feel like you’re seeing a tiny window into another person’s life through snapshots and quick videos.

There are some really cool apps out there designed to make shooting and editing video on the go really simple, we’ve compiled a list of a few that strike our fancy below.

1. iMovie (iOS)

Apple’s own movie editing software is the standard for iOS , allowing users to make edits of the movies shot on their phone on the fly with professional transitions, music, text, and other visual effects. Experiment with their templates and you could find yourself with a mini masterpiece in minutes.

iMovie for iOS

2. Yakit (iOS) – No longer available

(Editor’s note: Yakit is no longer available in the app store, as of 2019)

Want to create silly parodies or just generally goof around? The Yakit app for iOS allows users to easily take their static photos and create hilarious animated videos out of them.

One of the most popular features is being able to “cut” out someone’s mouth and record a voiceover, allow users to “speak” for others. I really want Taco Bell to give us some animated tacos right now.

grumpy cat talks

Update: Ok I had to make one

3. 8mm Vintage Camera (iOS and Android)

Used by Malik Bendjelloul in his Oscar-winning film “Searching for Sugar Man”, 8mm Vintage Camera provides another unique layer of filters to create old vintage-style video on the fly.

Fashion or beauty companies could be taking advantage of this to showcase not just their brand’s styles, but videos of lifestyles associated with the brand.


4. PicPlayPost (iOS)

This app has been sweeping the nation and is perfect for combining multiple videos together in a collage, or even more interesting, combining static content with motion. This dynamic content makes for a truly unique video experience.

I first noticed this app from hip hop artist Freeway but soon after that saw Starbucks experimenting with it on their page. As you can see it garnered quite the reaction from their community and 52,000 Likes on the post.

Nothing says tranquillity like a morning coffee on the edge of the beach, waves lapping at your feet.

Starbucks is able to put you into that mindset. And while they used an Iced Coffee here, I can smell the beans roasting just thinking about it.

5. Lapse It (iOS and Android)

There’s nothing quite like a great time lapse video but often times that takes too much careful planning to pull off quickly (not to mention time, money, and a great location).

Lapse it cuts down all of those things into one handy little app which shoot a stream of continuous photos, then splices them together at whatever interval they choose. Lapse It then renders video in seconds and saves it to your phone for easy uploading.

Here’s an amazing video that was shot using an iPhone with Lapse It.


What are some of your favorite apps for editing video on a smartphone?

Let us know in the comments below.

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