4 Must Hear Digital Marketing and Social Media Podcasts

by David Wells on Jun 15, 2010

With the proliferation of social media and digital marketing blogs, and the ever increasing number of posts telling you what 36 Awesome Social Media Blogs Everyone Should  be Reading (36?! Better quit my day job), I thought I’d share some other resources that aren’t blogs that will keep you in the know.

Remember podcasts? The less sexy version of blogs and Youtube? Yes, they are still around and growing in popularity. As more and more people leave their old school nokia (w/ snake) for smart phones, time shifted audio and video are great for people on the go.

So, next time you are driving somewhere, on the train, or running on the treadmill, turn off the Justin Bieber Pandora station and tune in to some marketing goodness. These 4 shows never fail to enlighten, entertain, and teach me a thing or two about this ever changing landscape.

1. Marketing Over Coffee – With Christoper S Penn and John Wall.

Marketing Over coffee is a weekly marketing podcast put on by Christoper S Penn, of BlueSky Factory and John Wall of AccuRev.

They record the show in a Dunkin Donuts and wrap about new developments in the digital marketing space.

I enjoy MoC because C.S. Penn breaks down a ton of technical developments that are happening in the internet marketing space and puts them into a marketers perspective, like how to add in the facebook like button to your blog, or which twitter apps to use to save boat loads of time and energy. John Wall brings his years of expertise to the table to discuss how offline and online marketing techniques can be merged together and used effectively.

I never fail to learn something new each week. Subscribe to their show.

They also were kind enough to share their OPML (Google Reader) of the industries leading blogs, that keep them up to speed.

2. Six Pixel of Separation with Mitch Joel

Six pixels of separation is one of the first podcasts I stumbled across when I was looking to sink my teeth into some great digital marketing info.

Mitch Joel, is head honcho over at Twist Image, a Canadian digital marketing agency and does his show every week.

The shows formats vary from expert interviews, Mitch riffing solo, or the media hacks segment that regularly features some top players in the digital marketing space like Mr. Chris Brogan, Julian Smith, Chris Penn from Marketing over coffee.

Mitch is extremely passionate about the emerging social media field and  his enthusiasm for the space is highly motivating and contagious.

3. Inbound Marketing – Hubspot

Hubspot is pretty well know in the social media and internet marketing world, mainly because they pump out a continual stream of quality content.  They eat their own dog food and when I heard that they started hubspot.tv a weekly video podcast filmed every Friday, I was pretty stoked.

Mike Volpe and Karen Ruben, hosts of Hubspot.tv, recap the marketing happenings of the week and field live questions via twitter. They also get a ton of marketing experts (Like David Meerman Scott, Rand Fishkin, & David Weinberger to name a few) in on their show to talk about their latest ideas, books and the state of “inbound” Marketing.

4. Across the sound with Joseph Jaffe

Joseph Jaffe, aka “Chief interrupter” at Powered, the newly formed full service Social Media focused agency, has been podcasting for quite some time now about the social space.

His video show and live audio podcast, are always chalk full of quality content and interviews and definitely worth subscribing to.

The live podcast done on Talkshoe, is pretty cool because it adds a higher level of engagement and you can chime in and talk with the hosts. Joseph Jaffe and Mitch Joel regularly co-host lively debates on a variety of social media topics like “Foursquare is for squares?”

What Podcasts do you listen to for your Social media and digital marketing news?

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