August 2012 Archive

Google Plus

Seriously, who is using Google Plus? And Why?

Among social media professionals, few take Google Plus seriously. I’ve heard it on webinars, reading blog posts, and from colleagues. Nobody believes people are using Google Plus. After all, Fast Company magazine has called it a Ghost Town!...


4 Quick, Powerful Metrics For Your Facebook page

As an introduction into the world of social analytics, social software company Pagelever recently introduced Minilytics for Facebook. Posting content to various social networks can be overwhelming. There is a general demand for content. Combine that...

mobile marketing strategy

The 5 Step Mobile Marketing Blueprint

We all keep hearing how hot mobile is. AllthingsD reported a few months ago that mobile now accounts for 20% of all internet traffic in the US. Yup, you read that right, 1 in 5. The simple...

social media shiny object syndrome

This is how you stop social media shiny object syndrome

Social media is fast. We’re talking what’s hot this week might be old news next week fast. New social networks, tools, software, and strategies pop up in our inbox, newsfeed, and Twitter stream constantly. Sometimes I seriously just...


10 Features Instagram Should Add Tomorrow

Last week Instagram launched a Business Blog as a resource for brands that want to utilize the platform to connect with their audience and share their brand message. This may be the first social network to...


Have you seen the new

Klout launched a preview of their new site refresh today to a few select users. One of the big changes is that the new Klout pulls in even more data to create it’s influence scores. Previously...