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building community on your blog

The simple secret to building community

Originally published in the Human Business Works Newsletter. Subscribe here. Earlier this month, I wrote a post about Audience, Access, and Advertising on my blog. I pointed out that the first two, Audience and Access, were two dials on...


Google Buys Wildfire for $350m – Google Checkout on Facebook?

Originally published on SocialCommerceToday.com Two years ago, a Facebook-centric marketing app for running social media promotions, Wildfire, launched Groupon-style group deals for Facebook, allowing retailers to offer group-discounts on Facebook when fans club together and buy together. W hotels...

Black Hat social media

Black Hat Social Media Is Here To Stay

Pssst, wanna know a secret? “Black hat” techniques for using social media are thriving, much to the chagrin of many social media purists. It was inevitable for this to happen. For years, the concept of black hat...

Shell social media crisis

Keep Calm and Stay Social: Shell's PR Nightmare

The internet is a double-edged sword. Just as corporations are free to use social media to create communities around their brand, consumers are free to create communities to bring those brands down. This past week, Canadian...