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5 Easy Fixes to Make Your Blog More Shareable

It happens every morning. I skim an article, find a shareable quote, like the content and post it with my social media management tool of choice. I’d prefer to cite both the author and the source, but...

samsung canada kangaroo unicycle

Samsung, Dragon, Kangaroo, Epic

It is important to have a sense of humor. So important. Because humor travels and travels fast. (see Old Spice). And even more important when no one is watching. When one of Samsung Canada’s customers, Shane, used Facebook’s...


Facebook Ads, You're Holding It Wrong

A powerful sports car is a very sexy thing. It is a very capable machine, capable of some pretty impressive feats. A performance machine they say. Facebook ads are very similar. Perhaps not as sexy, but still quite...

Facebook Mobile

The Facebook Mobile Frenzy

I remember when Zuckerberg was espousing HTML5 exclusively and the thought of a Facebook iOS app was against the Facebook vision. When the Facebook iPhone app launched, with hundreds of millions of global users, it quickly...