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More tweets!

42% of US Adults See Twitter Messages Daily

Twitter is continuing to grow and increase its impact beyond Justin Bieber fans and social media marketers. We have known for a while now the the impact of Twitter reaches far beyond the social network itself....


Hertz Creates Their Own Groupon Style Deals on Facebook

Originally published at Social Commerce Today (edited by Social Fresh) So we know that the principle reason that people interact with businesses and brands on Facebook is to get offers (PDF link). Hertz is hoping Facebook users share their...


Does Your Executive Team Need To Tweet?

Originally published at Social Business News Do you think you need to be an expert at something to inspire others?  The methods of motivation and leadership are many and varied, but undoubtedly leading by doing is...


5 Community Types Brands Must Choose From

Originally published on The Community Manager “We need a community!  Go o’ mystical community manager, and build us a thriving community!” Shut up you. Blindly saying “We need a community!” won’t get you very far.  There are many...


Word of Mouth Still Kills All Other Advertising Forms

Originally published on Social Commerce Today With its emphasis on friend-to-friend sharing, this bodes well for social commerce. For example, when we are uncertain about what to buy, it’s common for us to depend on the...

Realtime Facebook Insights

Facebook Activates Realtime Insights

Facebook Insights have long been a source of frustration for developers and marketers alike. Often days would go by that Facebook Insights would not update. Complaints were heard, websites were built, all in frustration with an...