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Skechers Product Reviews Are All About CRM

Originally published on Social Commerce Today Trendy shoe brand Skechers will soon launch a rewards loyalty program to incentivize customers to write reviews in exchange for points, which can then be redeemed as discounts on future purchases. This new initiative, set...

Facebook Timeline

10 Awesome Examples Of How To Use Facebook Timelines

Facebook Timeline rolls out to all pages this week. We already put together some great Facebook Timeline cover examples from early adopter brands. But, beyond the cover, a big part of the change is a new...

Pinterest Kotex marketing campaign

The First Real Pinterest Marketing Campaign

Or at least the first one to make a Youtube video about it. The campaign is labeled, “the first Pinterest campaign in the world.” A bit of a stretch, since we have seen plenty of marketers...

social commerce

Is Social Commerce Fact Or Fiction?

Social Fresh partner, Argyle Social, spoke at Social Fresh EAST about the merge of social media and ecommerce. They have put in a great amount of research, on how the top ecommerce websites are using...

community engagement

The User Engagement Cycle Explained

Originally published on A lot of business experts will tell your company to “engage” people and “build community”, but what does that actually mean? It’s important, when hearing advice like this to ask “why?” and “to...

Search vs Social

Search vs. Social [INFOGRAPHIC]

“When comparing search marketing vs. social media, search is more effective for some online objectives while social is the hands-down choice for others. For example, lead generation is better achieved through the high-visibility, low-cost methods of...