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10 Facebook Page Timeline Cover Examples

Facebook pages got Timeline today. And many brands have already set up their cover images as a major branding opportunity. Here are a few quick examples of the ones we have already seen this morning. Keep in mind,...

Facebook Page Timeline Coca-Cola

New Facebook Page Timelines Are Here

RELATED: 10 Awesome Examples of Facebook Brand Timelines The new Facebook pages should all have an option for you to preview, tour, and learn more about the Facebook page timeline option that has been rumored since...


19 Examples of Sucky PR Edits on Wikipedia

I recently reported on a new initiative called Corporate Representatives for Ethical Wikipedia Engagement (CREWE), a group of PR professionals trying to sort out a better arrangement with Wikipedia. And I’ve been trying to figure out...

pinterest board names

250+ Brands on Pinterest

Like moth drawn to a Martha Stewart decorative candle, brands are flocking to Pinterest. Whether you think they should or not doesn’t really matter. The newly viral image sharing social network is hot and users are addicted. Brands...


The Fragmentation of Social Media

One constant through the many evolutions of Internet platforms is the fickleness of human beings. Especially when asked to make quick decisions. Successful products have been driven by the combination of: The “right” feature set Clarity in purpose And most...