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Facebook Ads

Are Social Ads A Game Changer?

Real estate agent Jim Olenbush awoke one morning in 2010, opened his local newspaper, the Austin Statesman, and read a story about the drug violence in Mexico. The story indicated that affluent Mexican families were...


Why Internal Social Networks Usually Fail

Originally published at Social Business News by Adi Gaskell Despite internal social networks gaining in popularity, few of them can be regarded as successes.  That is at least the finding of a new report by Information Week. ...

LinkedIn Companies

It's Time To Stop Ignoring LinkedIn Company Pages

By Harry Hoover of My Creative Team LinkedIn Marketing seems to be an afterthought among the other high profile social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. But there are some good reasons that your company should set up –...


The 12 Keys To Successful Gamification (Part 1)

By now you’ve probably heard of gamification and seen a few gamification examples of it around. You may even be considering gamification for your own website or app. While there are many ways to go about gamification,...


5 Facts You Didn't Know About Facebook EdgeRank

Facebook EdgeRank is the sum of each Edge’s Affinity x Weight x Time Decay. An Edge can range from Creating a Post to Sharing a Post. As an object within Facebook receives interactions it becomes more...