11 Brands already using Video for Instagram

by Nick Cicero on Jun 20, 2013
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instagram videoThis morning video was introduced on Instagram and sure enough, brands are already out in full force recording their iterations of branded videos.

Instagram’s Video feature comes with editing and 13 video filters, and more importantly leverages Instagram’s existing community of 130 Million users, which for brands means an active following of thousands upon thousands of viewers.

Here are 11 Brands who are already recording on Instagram (unfortunately, Videos on Instagram don’t have any sort of embed feature like with Vine, so we’re limited to sharing these links and pics).

1. Michael Kors


michael kors instagram

2. Lululemon


lululemon instagram

3. Sidecar



4. American Eagle


American Eagle

5. Burberry


6. Charity: Water


Charity Water

7. GE



8. Urban Outfitters


Urban Outfitters

9. AOL



10. Hubspot



and by far my favorite…

11. Kate Spade’s Unboxing


Have you seen any other brands posting yet after the launch? Leave a link in the comments below.



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Nick Cicero is the Editor at Social Fresh and a Digital Marketing Consultant. Formerly of Expion and Livefyre, Nick has experience building social campaigns for Sony PlayStation, Winn-Dixie, Eminem, Teen Vogue and more. He’s a fan of playing...

  • kennynorton
  • I don’t see this as brands “using” Instagram video, I see this as them just taking videos of things that don’t matter. Just what we all need, another distraction to take our attention away from getting a business off the ground. Every time a new red button appears, people rush to it, and don’t stay focused on their long term marketing plan…which would eventually lead them to sites like this…

    I just personally don’t get it. SocialCam blows all of these away, and they don’t get all this love because they don’t have stock holders to answer to.

  • Thanks for your comments @hubzeceo:disqus.

    SocialCam does have stock holders since it is now owned by Autodesk (NASDAQ: ADSK). They also do not have a thriving social network underlying what is, I would agree, a feature rich app. They also relied on spammy techniques to get users, requiring people to sign up to watch videos. They also relied on Facebook’s API which is turning out to be, increasingly, bad for any third party app in the long run.

    Vine and Instagram clearly get attention because of their own active numbers as well as their parent companies’ social weight, in userbases.

    To your other point. This list of brands jumping on Instagram Video is pretty meaningless. We publish it because everyone is curious what this platform will offer businesses, marketers. That is our audience. This gives them a taste and celebrates those that are willing to experiment. We value that.

    It will be interesting to see who hangs with it and uses the new Instagram video features consistently to engage their fans. And who stays creative. And if they will leave behind Vine to do so.

  • I train business marketers for a living, and I just get frustrated because when things like this go viral and get so much buzz, it is just one more distraction we have to deal with. We encourage businesses to be where their customers are, but when something new and shiny comes out almost daily it seems, you have to shut it all off and focus on basic things first and then once you are set up…running efficiently and have a decent social media presence on a couple sites max, THEN you try to figure out how to expand to the others…

    It is indeed interesting, but again…I hope most business owners ignore it because it’s really currently only relevant to the LARGE businesses who have large followings…the little guy, not so much.

    Thanks for replying!

  • Taylor Rhodes

    I agree with you David in terms of this new Instagram video feature pertaining to large businesses with large followings. Even then, the ROI is questionable if the videos don’t serve a particular purpose in line with the long term marketing plan.

    On the flip side as a marketing and communications student, these organizations appeal to me as they are embracing technology quickly, further positioning themselves as leaders that can adapt.

  • Melissa Feeney

    Nice use of the video feature! Did you film the archival footage from your phone?

  • kennynorton

    Thanks Melissa! Yes we did. We just wanted to see how our audience reacted to it. Both of our video instagrams have garnered more engagement than our average photo posts. YouTube can work really well for the archival footage!

  • Melissa Feeney

    Nicely done! Thanks for your insight.

  • kennynorton

    I agree with what you’re saying. But a lot of small businesses use Instagram to show their companies culture visually. Instagram video gives those on Instagram another tool to help tell that story.

    Also, because Instagram is owned by Facebook the two tools work really well together, and will likely be integrated even more together in the future, if your clients have a strong Facebook presence, Instagram should be on their radar.

  • Right, which it is very easy to embrace new technology and continue to be seen as a leader when you already have a nice size following, because it is not a matter of where to best place yourself for maximum results like a small business owner…so I agree, but I also feel for smaller companies who just cannot and should not embrace everything that comes out until they are up and running successfully with a few. :)

  • It is nice to see Instagram now including video into its feature.

    Video has been proven to create much more buzz and engagement which is what every social media marketer is looking to create.

    So, don’t miss out in creating a presence on Instagram and create some sort of audience on there.

    Keep up the good work Nick!

    Samuel from Internet Dreams

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