10 Ways to Make Your Facebook Page Not Suck

by David Wells on Jun 30, 2010

Having a Facebook fan page to drive traffic and user engagement is a no brainer for most businesses today.

But, does your Facebook fan page suck? The answer is probably yes.

But hey it’s not your fault! You just weren’t aware of all the super cool stuff you could do with your Facebook fan page.

By adding in some of the elements described below you can make your Facebook page work for you, instead of the other way around.

1. Add the FBML App to Your Page

Adding in the FBML application to your Facebook fan page is an absolute must. FBML allows you to customize your Facebook page tabs with html, flash, and iframes to make it your home, away from home.  A great resource to learn more about how to use Facebook FBML is the HyperArts Blog.

2. Create a custom FBML landing page

Have people who are not already fans land on the page that you want them to see. By using some basic html you can create a great looking squeeze page to welcome new visitors and maybe even entice them back to your site.

3. Use FBML to add in you social profiles

Let people know where else to find you online. You can use the FMBL boxes to add your own custom code to

4. Use FBML to add in your rss feed subscription option

Give fans the option to subscribe to your blog in the sidebar of your fan page. This can be done by adding in your feedburner email form into an FMBL box.

5. Use FBML to add in your email contact form

Why not grab email addresses for on your fan page? Have your free ebook or white paper offer visible to anyone visiting your Facebook fan page and grab those leads. A good example of an FMBL email form can be seen on the Blue Sky Factory fan page.

They are offering free email marketing tips if you subscribe to their newsletter. Also worth noting is the preference center they provide on their email form, allowing subscribers to choose the content that is relevant to them and that they would like to receive.

6. Use networked blogs to auto feed your posts to your page

Automatically post your latest blog post with the networked blog app. Syncing up your blog with the facebook notes application just doesn’t cut it these days. When syncing up the your blog through Facebook notes you drive people to that note page within Facebook and thus they are much less likely to come to your site to read the content. This is bad for multiple reasons because they are not seeing all the other cool stuff your site has to offer like that free ebook or a call to action to join your mailing list.

Bottom line: Get people out of Facebook and into your site.

7. Do not connect Twitter to update your Facebook or vice versa

Don’t be the lazy marketers who automatically syncs up all of your social media outlets. Twitter and Facebook are different audiences and should be treated as such. Offer exclusive content to your facebook “likers” (God, I miss “fan” pages) to entice people to like your page.  Check out this great post on how to increase fan engagement

8. Get your friends to suggest your page to their friends.

Having no fans and posting content to your Facebook fan page is equivalent to telling a really long, interesting story to your friend over the phone, only to realize that the call was dropped 5 minutes ago.

Bottom line: if you have no fans, facebook isn’t going to drive enough traffic to your site, and ends up being a huge waste of time.

Social media for nonprofitsSo you need to grow that fan base… You can do so a couple of different ways. Begging everyone you know to suggest your page to their friends is one, dishing out quality content on a regular basis is another, or your can try these 21 other ways to do it.

Over at the Socialize Your Cause website we have found out another way to streamline the process and get your friend to actually suggest your page to their social graph. You can grab the tip by joining our mailing list found in the sidebar.

9. Utilize Multimedia

Unlike Twitter, Facebook has a plethora of multimedia capabilities. Utilize these to drive engagement.

Use Audioboo to post audio blurbs to your fan page, upload videos or sync up your youtube account,  & upload photos of the behind the scenes action of your business to your Facebook Page.

Instead of posting out this content all at once, make sure you stagger your content so that you can stay top of mind with your fans by appearing more often in their lifestreams.

10. Utilize profile picture real estate

Your profile picture can be 200pixels wide by 600pixels tall. Use that space to make a great looking graphic that describes what your page is about and why people should like you. Make sure your logo or the image you wish to be your page’s avatar is included in this profile picture. Facebook allows you to crop the portion of the profile picture you wish to display as the avatar.

Underneath in the description, use this area to input the link back to your website. This link will be clickable.

Now your page doesn’t suck!

If you follow these simple steps to create a more dynamic Facebook fan page, you should start to see more traffic coming from Facebook, an uptick in your fan base, and a  pat on the back from your boss praising you for pimping out your companies Fan Page (*Pat on the back not guaranteed)

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