10 Things your customers wish you knew about them [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Gregory Ciotti on Sep 13, 2012
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How well do you know your customers? It can be a tough question to answer.

Fortunately, business owners have a few great tactics at their disposal. Outside of customer surveys, entrepreneur’s can utilize research in social psychology to understand their customer base and just what it takes to make them happy.

Below, you can see 10 such studies that reveal the things your customers WISH you knew about them!

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Infographic by Help Scout, the customer service software that turns email support into a fast, personal and pleasurable experience for your customers. Find out how Help Scout works by watching this free webinar, or get more from the team on Twitter (@HelpScout).

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  • Jon

    Great info-graphic! This rings true to me as a customer and as a salesperson. Thanks for posting

  • http://www.sociallysorted.com.au Donna Moritz

    Hey Gregory! Great way to make an infographic – summarizing some studies is a really good concept. I just pinned this to Pinterest.

  • http://twitter.com/MZazeela Marc Zazeela

    Who doesn’t like a pleasant surprise. Especially today, when there seem to be more of the unpleasant variety.