Which Industry has the Best Customer Service on Facebook? [Infographic]

by Nick Cicero on Aug 16, 2013

customer-serviceIn today’s click and get economy, customers are turning to social media networks more than ever to express an issue with a product or service. The trend is growing so much that Nielsen reports 1 in 3 users prefer to contact brands using social media rather than the telephone.

With all this traffic to social channels, how are brands managing the dialogue with their customers through thick and thin?

Fanpage Karma, an online tool used to analyze Facebook pages, analyzed about 60,000 pages resulting in about 2.7m fan posts over a period of three months. The infographic below shows their results in detail, here are a few of the highlights

Brands only react to 28% of their fan posts, ignoring a whopping 72% of Fan content.
Germany is the country that responds fastest averaging 12.2 hours. The USA? 13.3 hours.

The finance sector seems to be the most comprehensive in their customer service on Facebook — they respond on average to 77% of posts by fans, with a median response time within 9.5 hours (with the best 10% responding within 30 minutes). The car industry performed the worst: Half of the pages need longer than 15 hours to react to a post.

Customer service infographic

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    As people are more likely to get help using some of the social media sites, it is of a major significance for any successful business to provide responsive and helpful online customer service. I really love the infographic you have shared, as it provides some interesting insights into online customer service trends.