5 Vines are tweeted every second - Visualizing Vine [Infographic]

by Nick Cicero on Jul 30, 2013

Vine, Twitter’s video sharing app, has exploded with popularity connecting an entire world of new users and videos six seconds at a time.

With 13 million users across iOS and Android in only six months, the world of Vine is full of stop-motion masterpieces, attempts at branded content, and ridiculous random acts of comedy providing no shortage of amazing content that quickly turns seconds into hours.

But just how popular is Vine? This infographic from Buzzfork shows a few highlights of the young network, including a few surprising stats:

  • 5 Vines are tweeted every second
  • Most Vines are sent between 10-11am
  • A record 19,667 Vines were recorded and shared on the day of the Boston Marathon tragedy

Visualizing Vine

Who are some of your favorite “Vine Artists” to follow? Leave their videos in the comments.

Mastering the Digital Channel

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