Guess Which NFL Team Has the Loudest Facebook Fans? [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Jason Keath on Feb 01, 2013
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NFL Facebook Likes

Thanks to the folks over at Expion we got some great data out of all the NFL team Facebook pages this season.

Some of the more surprising results of the data are just how active some team pages are.

Yesterday we outlined what the three most popular NFL Facebook posts of the season were, from Dallas, New England, and Chicago.

The infographic below takes a deeper dive into that same data to see where all the teams stand on Facebook.

So, who are the loudest NFL Facebook fans?

The answer is easily Pittsburgh.

Not only did Steeler fans claim the title of most comments throughout the whole season. When we equalized the numbers to total comments compared to fan count, Pittsburgh won that crown as well. So they are not just blessed with one of the largest fan bases on Facebook near, 5 million, their fans also engage the most.

Oh yeah, Pittsburgh fans also created the most Facebook post likes of any team.

NFL Team Likes Infographic


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