Facebook Testing Pages Feed as Separate News Feed

by Adam Rosenberg on Nov 05, 2012
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Facebook is rolling out a “Pages Feed” as a separate news stream for users.

This would allow a user to see all pages they “like” in one separate stream, though pages they’ve marked as “show in newsfeed” would still appear in their regular news feed.

Though it’s slowly being rolled out to all users (and will appear as a bookmark on the left side of the home page), your page feed can be accessed directly here.

I’ve also posted a screenshot below of what it looks like.


Why this is important

Facebook is definitely covering itself from the backlash since the algorithm tweak with this and the notifications option I wrote about earlier this week.

Your fans can be instructed to visit the page feed to “never miss an update” though the feed will obviously contain ALL of their likes, not just yours. This essentially is just a page version of the “lists” function that already doesn’t seem to be as widely used as it could be on Facebook.


In terms of what it means in the immediate future for brands though, it’s another way to instruct fans to check on your updates. Until Facebook allows you to set default lists (i.e. when you login the list you see on your newsfeed is one YOU chose) this probably won’t have a tremendous impact.

It could help bump reach as fans will check the list to see updates, but social context is what drives engagement on Facebook. The pages on their own without the social context of your friend’s interactions (my friend shared X’s photo, commented on Y, etc) are simply going to be more of a straight content feed.

It will be interesting to see how this develops into something else, if at all. It mostly appears to be a series of quick fixes to show brands that they’re not “hiding” their content per say, but rather grouping it in a way that leaves it to the user to make the effort in seeing the updates.

Do you think users will actually use the Page feed?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/alecmcnayr Alec McNayr

    “Your fans can be instructed to visit the page feed to ‘never miss an update'”

    No person will ever do this — just like no one ever “bookmarks a website to return later for the latest news and offers!”

    If Facebook separates pages content from personal content, brands will balk.

  • http://www.adamsrosenberg.com/ Adam Rosenberg

    Maybe. But having some control is better than no control. At least there’s something you can do when you’ve already made your bed by being reliant upon a platform like Facebook to be your content delivery system. If you’re relying on some tech tool that changes constantly and doesn’t tell you when they’re going to change, that’s like having your house built but letting someone change the walls whenever they want.

  • Mordecai Holtz

    I think this new feed is going to shock a lot of the ‘one-click wonder’ facebook pages…

  • http://www.adamsrosenberg.com/ Adam Rosenberg

    I think this new feed is a band-aid fix and more to say to brands “Hey we aren’t hiding your content…see? It’s still there…”

  • Mordecai Holtz

    yeah, im about to write a post about this tonight…I’ll share it with you

  • http://www.adamsrosenberg.com/ Adam Rosenberg

    Would love to see

  • Mordecai Holtz

    sent you a link via twitter but just in case http://wp.me/p2OmPa-35

  • http://www.adamsrosenberg.com/ Adam Rosenberg

    this is fantastic. Well done!

  • http://www.adamsrosenberg.com/ Adam Rosenberg

    PS – my Twitter name is @phillyberg :)

  • http://twitter.com/BSmithers89 Bryony Smith

    hmmmm, I fail to see how this would seriously benefit anyone in the long run, especially if they show up anyway in the general news feed.

  • http://www.adamsrosenberg.com/ Adam Rosenberg

    That’s the issue. Brands AREN’T guaranteed to show up in the general news feed because of delivery algorithms. This is basically a quick fix Facebook put together so that brands can point their fans somewhere to never miss a post. It’s them covering their butts so when brands say “you hide our stuff!” FB can say “No, it’s in this feed that’s hard to get to…see?”

  • http://twitter.com/Miss_Cybernaut Jelena Jovanovic

    I will like Page feed first :) hopefully I can make some rules on it, who appears and what is relevant for me personally.

  • Guest

    It seems to me that this is still one more step you have to take to see what the brands you follow are posting on Facebook. So, tell me, how many people (normal, everyday folks) are actually going to take that extra step?

  • http://designspike.com/ Ally Shoshana

    It seems to me that this is still one more step you have to take to see what the brands you follow are posting on Facebook. So, tell me, how many people (normal, everyday folks) are actually going to take that extra step?