CEO and founder of Social Fresh, the social media education company. Jason is a social media consultant, a social media speaker and industry analyst. He consults with corporations and agencies on social media strategy, building community, and influencer outreach.

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  • Jennifer Watson - hero

    A Life-Saving Social Media Lesson From the Weather Channel

    The Intersection Between Weather and Social Media Jennifer Watson (@JWatson_Wx) joins the Social Toolkit from The Weather Channel (@weatherchannel) where she currently serves as Content Producer. After having been forced to participate in social media by...

  • Kevan Lee - hero

    Buffer's Blogging Secrets

    Buffer Blogs Best Kevan Lee (@KevanLee) joins the Social Toolkit from Buffer, an app that rolls all of your social media profiles into one program, allowing you to control them all at the touch of a...

  • 50-25-25-content-promotion-HP

    Learn from HP's secret 50/25/25 content promotion rule

    Creating content is a challenge all on it’s own. And because of that, we often forget, postpone, or put off content promotion and distribution. While speaking with Paula Berg recently, the Digital Communications Lead at HP, on the...

  • tweet-fewer-links

    Consider tweeting fewer links

    Twitter use to be so cool. It was a water cooler conversation everyday. A chat room you never wanted to leave. And then it wasn’t. I still love Twitter. But anyone who has been on the...

  • 3-overlooked-social-media-strategy-steps

    The 3 most overlooked social media strategy steps

    If every piece of your company is moving in their own direction, you can be sure of one thing: none of you will be moving forward together. The key to a successful social media strategy for any organization...

  • podcasting-beats-cold-calling

    Podcasting beats cold calling

    Podcasting has seen a resurgence in the last year that may have put it on your business’s radar. And you should be considering a podcast for your business. At last year’s Social Fresh Conference, we started an...

  • convert-more-youtube-viewers

    The best way to convert your Youtube viewers

    YouTube is becoming more important as brands look to expand the use of video as a quality engagement opportunity. LEGO is a great example of a brand invested in YouTube and is consistently growing a large video...

  • banner-ad-300x300-250x250

    Win A VIP Trip To Social Fresh Conference 2015

    Contest is closed. Thank you to all who shared, interacted, and participated. Our Grand Prize winner is announced below… Congratulations to DANIELL HUBNER for winning the Social Fresh 2015 Grand Prize Full VIP Scholarship! (Winners of the bonus...